The Team

Founded in 2018 by Lisa DaSilva and Rachel Libby, Arise Ministries Collective was birthed from a deep desire to see woman equipped in the Word so that they are compelled to live in radical ways for Christ’s glory.

We believe that when women have an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, truly know God’s Word, and are dependent on the Holy Spirit, they become powerful and influential vessels for the Kingdom. 


Executive Board

Sarah Bulkley- Secretary

I’m a wife, dog mom, pediatric dental assistant. I love spending my free time meditating on scripture, listening to old sermons, practicing yoga, and antique shopping.

I fell in love with Jesus at a young age, but my passion for women’s ministries and Bible Study really began when I joined my first Bible Study group in 2010. I love encouraging women to know and love the Bible.






Lisa Da Silva – President 

I’m a wife, mom of two teenagers, and advocate for women to love God with their heart, soul and mind as they engage in responsible study of His Word.  

A teacher by trade and passion, recovering striver, and lover of simplicity, I enjoy thrift store shopping and often have to convince people I’m an introvert.  Just a loud one.

Loving Jesus and making Him known really is my everything.






Lee Ann DeRoos – Treasurer

I’m a simple girl. I love jeans and sweatshirts, decaf coffee and dark chocolate. I am a servant. Learner. Worshiper. Gluten-free baker. Hobby Farmer.

I am a wife, mom of two, and daughter of the King – Always striving to get out from under my bushel to let His light shine.








Alyssa Holt- Member at Large

I’m a health nut. Mom. Peacekeeper. Passionate to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Lover of travel and new places. I thrive helping others live their best life and truly care for their heart, soul and body the way God intended.

Knowing that Jesus is King in both the darkest of places and my simple everyday life is what I strive for daily.







Ali Gadbaugh – Member at Large

I’m a homebody who is obsessed with coffee, pretty journals and planners, spin class and Target, and can usually be found wearing leggings and a topknot. I’m a wife and mom who is passionate about my family and a fierce mental health advocate.
Jesus changed my life at the age of 26, but it wasn’t until 2019 (with the help of my mentor) that God began to loosen the chains of perfectionism and the need to “get everything right” and I gained a much deeper desire to KNOW and study the Word of God. The Bible really is for everyone.






Nancy Tauzer – Member at Large

I am fond of trying new recipes and projects. I am a giver. Good Listener. Softhearted. Loyal.

I’m a wife and momma of two boys who is probably drinking coffee and waiting for the laundry to fold itself. I enjoy hiking, dancing and organizing all things.

Growing up, I thought being a follower of Christ was only going to church on Sundays. Fast forward to today and I have an intimate relationship with God; continuing to grow in awe of his love for us.






The Team

Ali Gadbaugh – Social Media & Marketing

Nancy Tauzer – Graphic Design

Ashley Shaddy – Creative 









Birman Visuals – Photography and Podcast Editing

Val Hooks – Editing Consultant











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