Podcast 012 – “The Old Testament and Why We Need to Know It” – Part 1


Do we really need to read and understand the Old Testament?  Isn’t knowing Jesus in the New Testament enough?  How do I even begin to study books like Leviticus, and is it even necessary?

In this episode of the Arise Ministries Collective Podcast, Lisa asks guest Ellen Newman for help and clarity answering some of these questions. We hope you’ll find this conversation both helpful and challenging as we explore the necessity understanding the Old Testament together.

Noteworthy Quotes

“The New Testament was never given to replace the Old Testament but rather to complete its story.” 

“The New Testament is the witness to the fact that Jesus of Nazareth is the One in whom and through whom all the promises of God find their fulfillment. These promises can only be understood from the Old Testament; the fulfillment of the promises can be understood only in the context of the promises themselves. So the Old Testament is – what was the promise? And the New Testament is – what was the fulfillment?

“We wouldn’t totally understand who Jesus is and why He did what He did unless we know the Old Testament. Without the Old Testament foundation of the curse, law, sacrifice, priesthood and redemption then the cross, resurrection and salvation of Christ would make little sense. His birth, His death, His resurrection, His return and His kingdom are all revealed in the Old Testament.” 

“We tend to put Jesus in the New Testament box and make Him the Jesus we are comfortable with. We need the see Jesus through the Old Testament to really define Him and what He came to accomplish.”

“Reading through God’s interactions with his people in the OT helps me remember just how steadfast God’s love really is.”

Ellen’s Recommended Resources

Click directly on the titles below to read about or purchase Ellen’s suggestions:

John MacArthur’s “Grace To You” app on iTunes

Nancy Guthrie’s five part series,”Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament”

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible: ESV Edition


About Our Guest:  Ellen Newman was a registered nurse for 45 years and is living proof that you are never too old to go back to school. She returned to college at age 60 to get a degree in Biblical Foundations from Multinomah University, and has a passion for seeing people engaged in the Word of God. Ellen has worked as a Community Pastor for Women at Summit View Church in Vancouver, Washington, and is a seasoned Bible student/teacher.  This picture was taken in Israel – A place she has visited multiple times and is dear to her heart.


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