Podcast 025 – “Soul Song Coffee: Fostering Empowerment Through Meaningful Work” with Ann Ordway










It began with a spark of hope and a few simple questions: “What if we could multiply a few dollars to keep giving back while we train young teens to start a business from the ground up? What if these young apprentices could explore various aspects of business structure and development and try their hand at developing usable skills? Most importantly, what if they could see the direct impact of their actions in the lives of others both here and across the globe? What if in this process we can help individuals find their soul’s song?”

This spark led the birth of Soul Song Coffee – A company rooted in the belief that meaningful work fosters empowerment, that young people have the ability to build a business, and that a local community can come together to actively practice Biblical truth in a way that demonstrates Christ’s love and promotes lasting change.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Ann Ordway, the vision behind Soul Song Coffee, and how you, too, can find and live your soul song.

Be sure to visit the Soul Song Coffee website to read about the ways they empower local youth, come alongside ministries in Uganda and Haiti, and source beans from farms and companies that employ sustainable practice and embrace dignity.

Click here to support Soul Song by purchasing coffee directly from their website. I’m a monthly subscriber and genuinely look forward to receiving my beans each month!

May we all heed Ann’s encouragement from Isaiah 41, get on our bike, and start riding.

With great expectation,


Soul Song Coffee’s young entrepreneurs.










About Our Guest: As the Founder of Soul Song Coffee, Ann Ordway wears quite a few hats, but her favorite jobs in the world are being wife to Jason and mama to four amazing kids whom she has the privilege of homeschooling.

Her greatest moments are spent discussing the finer points of life with friends, journaling in her morning prayer time, and capturing most everything in picture! She has an inquisitive spirit and a passion for developing young minds, which ultimately led to the development of Soul Song Coffee!
She dreamed of an opportunity where young teens could be exposed to different careers and aspects of business in a setting where they could immediately apply that learning to a real business, one that existed for the greater good. Not just an idea, an action.



  1. Love the ideas behind this business. Everyone has a gift and what a cool idea to help young people find purpose so early in life!

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