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Podcast 016 – “The Art of Mentoring” with Vicky Dillon

Gospel-centered living means we admit our inadequacy, know we need support, and learn from others further along or stronger in their faith journey.  But how do we enter into these relationships and what expectations should we have?⁣⁣ In this podcast, host Lisa DaSilva and longtime mentor Vicky Dillon chat candidly about their own relationship and expose some of the joys and…

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Coming Alongside – 5 Helpful Hints to Successful Mentoring

She lived in a basement suite not far from campus. We chatted in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and I took my time choosing tea from a basket overflowing with options. A candle burned in the living room as we settled under cozy blankets and began talking. Sue was the Director of Student Ministries at my university…

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The World’s Best Mom

We can’t all be the “World’s Best Mom,” but Instagram paints a different story. Post after post this Mother’s Day stated that each person on the site had the “Best Mom Ever.” I asked my kids if we should do a vote online and get down to the bottom of this.   What makes a great mom?  Is it the…

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Podcast 015 – “Though the Mountains be Shaken” with Stacie Campbell Waits

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10   What would you do if your world seemed to be falling apart? Where would you find hope? Who would you turn to?…

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Equipping the Nicaraguan Church to “Stand Firm”

Arise Ministries Collective’s mission is to equip women in the church in Bible study so they are prepared to take the Good News to others. Most often Arise does this locally in Vancouver, Washington but this May seven women had the chance to travel to Nicaragua to equip the global church to be his hands and feet. Managua, Nicaragua The…

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Earthly Loss and Eternal Hope

I clearly remember a time in my late twenties when I was driving with the windows rolled down and had the music blasting as I drove the back roads.  I felt immortal and pretty comfortable with life.  At that time we had a sweet family of four and really, the hardest thing for me that I had walked through at…

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Trusting God

“Trust me. I promise.” How many times have I heard, or even uttered this phrase? Why is it we have to convince someone to trust us, or, why do we need to be convinced? Trust is easily broken and hard to win back. Why? I believe, trust is evidence based. We choose to trust based on what we have experienced….

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Podcast 014 – “Trust” with Sarah Glassett

  “Do I trust God?  Is He worthy of my trust?  Is He really good?” In this episode of the Arise Ministries Collective Podcast, Lisa asks guest Sarah Glassett for help and clarity answering some of these questions. We hope you’ll find this conversation both helpful and challenging as we talk about trusting God together. Noteworthy Quotes “Our trust in…

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Little by Little

She spoke quickly and in a language I couldn’t understand – Intensity growing with every word. My new friend repeated one line over and over again, louder and with a sense of urgency until I found a translator to help. “She wants to share the gospel with you,” the interpreter said.  “To show you that she understands.” I had just…

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Write It On Your Heart – Memorizing Scripture

Have you ever wondered how many scriptures you have memorized?  I have lots of pieces running through my head. I can be heard saying things like “There’s a verse that says something like…….. And I think it’s in the book of…….”  But If I’m honest I don’t have many complete verses and references memorized. I actually want to sit down…

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